Tips for Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Cleaning your vinyl plank flooring is an important part of maintaining its appearance and durability. Routine cleaning will keep your floors clean and free of scuff marks. Use a soft broom to sweep the surface of the floors and a dry mop to remove excess dirt. Ensure that the vinyl floor is completely dry before applying any type of cleaner. Inspect the floor before sweeping it to avoid damaging the protective layer.

Regular cleaning is important to maintain the luster of your flooring. While vinyl is easy to clean, it is essential to prevent stains from settling on the surface. For instance, it is not recommended to apply detergent on the vinyl plank flooring if it has a spill on it. The surface of the flooring should be wiped dry before scrubbing. If you see any signs of damage, you should use a melamine sponge or tennis ball to clean it.

Heavy furniture should be placed on plywood mats underneath to prevent indentations. Using wooden furniture may cause indentations, so it is best to use a rug to cover it. If the vinyl plank flooring is not in perfect condition, use curtains and blinds to prevent fading. Whenever possible, lift heavy furniture and place it on a plywood path. Never drag it across the floor. This will cause scratches.

A good cleaning solution for vinyl plank flooring should contain minimum water and do not leave any soap residue. You must make sure not to saturate the surface with soap. Soap can damage the glue and make the floors less durable. The best way to remove the soap scum from the flooring is to scrub the floor with a soft cloth. This method is recommended for use on the surface of a plank floor.

Regular cleaning is essential for vinyl plank flooring. You should sweep away all debris daily and mop dirt weekly. Ensure to clean spills as soon as they occur. Often, these floors are very difficult to clean. You should use a mild detergent instead of a harsh chemical. You should also avoid steam mopping on a vinyl floor because the steam will damage the surface. If the vinyl floor is dirty, give Golden Glove a call to clean it professionally.

To maintain your vinyl plank flooring, you should avoid steam mopping. It can damage your vinyl floor if it is sprayed or wiped with water. You should also avoid using water-based cleaners. These are not suitable for vinyl plank flooring. If you can’t do it manually, give Golden Glove a call to schedule an appointment. Our trained professionals will be able to clean your vinyl plank flooring correctly.

Unlike other types of floors, vinyl plank flooring is extremely easy to clean. With a little care, it will last for many years. The easiest thing you can do to keep your floors clean is to sweep the floor daily. It is also important to avoid using solvent-based cleaning products, which can dull the surface.

Give Golden Glove a call today to discuss your flooring and the proper way to clean your flooring properly. Our trained team will leave your home flooring clean and fresh.

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