About Our Restoration Services

About Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration

Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration is a company founded by Norm Cardilli, Jr. that is totally dedicated to the restoration services of residential and commercial properties damaged by water.

With more than 6 years of experience, Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration has restored thousands of residential losses, as well as many large losses and the specific services required to process large commercial losses.

Quickly realizing that losses could be restored much faster, at lower cost and with much less stress for property owners by restoring as much of the damaged structure and contents as possible, Norm decided to implement what they call their “No Conflict of Interest Service Policy”. This means that Golden Glove Cleaning & RestorationATION specializes exclusively in mitigation and does not directly profit from major structural repairs or floor covering replacement.

Because Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration is totally focused on mitigation, reconstruction is always the last resort. And, when necessary, Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration will coordinate any reconstruction services, further insuring that such work is kept to the minimum truly necessary to return to the property to its pre-loss condition!

Successful restoration of damaged properties is only part of the Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration story. How the company conducts its business is as important to Norm as the technical completion of their projects. That’s why Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration routinely gets extremely positive feedback on their outstanding team of people that provide expert project management and a level of communication that keeps all affected and involved parties fully informed until the property is completely restored.

This level of care as well as the genuine empathy and compassion every member of Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration demonstrates to property owners truly separates Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration from the typical restorer.

The company is also committed to annually investing in the continuing education of their employees and the purchasing of new equipment to offer state-of-the-art restoration technology to their clients.