Crawlspace Mold Remediation

attic space

A traditional crawlspace typically features a proper vapor barrier and external ventilation, a configuration that has been in compliance with building codes for many decades. However, when anomalies like the absence of a vapor barrier, foundation leaks, or pipe leaks occur, they can create conditions conducive to abnormal mold growth in the crawlspace. To prevent such issues, a well-maintained crawlspace should incorporate a vapor barrier and adequate ventilation.

In cases where mold growth does occur, most competitors often advocate for crawlspace encapsulation as the go-to solution. Their rationale usually revolves around the belief that mold in the crawlspace may negatively impact indoor air quality. Strangely, they rarely take the step of conducting indoor air quality tests directly above the crawlspace to validate or refute this claim. Our policy, on the other hand, prioritizes thoroughness. When genuine concerns regarding indoor air quality arise, we perform indoor air quality tests above the crawlspace to confirm or debunk the necessity for encapsulation.

We recommend crawlspace encapsulation for the following reasons:

  1. Desire for a Controlled Environment: When a client seeks to transform the crawlspace into a clean, climate-controlled space for additional storage.

  2. Unmanageable Moisture: In instances where abnormal water in the crawlspace cannot be effectively controlled using conventional methods, leading to excessive humidity, encapsulation becomes a viable solution.

  3. No Issues with Humidity or Water: When neither of the above issues is a concern, and traditional cleaning and restoration methods coupled with a conventional crawlspace suffice.

Our approach emphasizes addressing the root cause of high humidity and water in the crawlspace as the primary step. Once this is resolved, we can proceed with mold remediation, humidity control, and proper ventilation in the crawlspace. This option is generally less invasive and more cost-effective than full encapsulation.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Golden Glove for a phone consultation. We are committed to providing thorough, tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.