Crawlspace Mold Remediation

A conventional crawlspace has a proper vapor barrier and is vented to the outside. This has been accepted and the building code for decades. When abnormal water via absent vapor barrier, foundation leaks or pipe leaks can allow abnormal mold to grow in the crawl space. A properly maintained crawl space has a vapor barrier and adequate ventilation to prevent this from happening. When it does happen most of the competition exclusively will recommend crawlspace encapsulation.

Most of our competition will recommend crawlspace in capsulation under the auspice that the mold in a crawlspace is negatively affecting the indoor air quality. However, they never offer to perform indoor air quality tests directly above the crawlspace to confirm or deny the truth in that statement. It is our policy that when this is a genuine concern that a test of the indoor air quality above the crawl space is performed to confirm or deny this need.

We recommend crawl space in capsulation for the following reasons:

1. The client wants to achieve a clean climate-controlled space for additional storage.

2. The abnormal water in the crawl space cannot be controlled and humidity entering the crawlspace is prevented with conventional methods. In this situation in capsulation would be recommended

3. If neither of those is an issue conventional cleaning and restoration methods Anna conventional crawlspace is more than sufficient

We recommend resolving the root cause of the high humidity and or water in the crawl space. Once that is complete we can move on to remediate ING the mold controlling the humidity and properly ventilating the crawlspace. This option is far less intrusive and far less expensive than encapsulation.

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