Solid Surface Cleaning

So you have decided to transition over to hard surface flooring. Solid Wood, Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile, Engineered Wood as examples. In the residential setting, these types of flooring are having a large appeal.

However, when that much hard surface is installed consumer maintenance practices will not produce the ideal results long term. These steps would include general sweeping which people are finding are needed more frequently than they did vacuuming with carpet. Also, people are finding that mopping that much square footage presents challenges they didn’t anticipate.

Without regular sweeping and mopping the surface of the floor will degrade faster. Solid surface floors are more expensive to install, to remove than carpet. With the large area to be mopped, we find that most will leave a small amount of soil and cleaning solutions behind that build up over time. This will start to look like a film.

We have a specialized system that can remedy this situation:

1. We will test the floor to see if any consumer-grade coatings have been applied to the floor.

2. If there is a coating on the floor we will apply a product to loosen the coating. We will then use a specialized machine that will gently scrub the surface to further loosen the coating, apply a cleaner to neutralize the stripper and coating, then extract.

3. If there is no coating we will apply a cleaner to neutralize the old soil and cleaner, we will rinse and extract leaving the floor residue-free.

For the cosmetic longevity of your new hard surface flooring, there is a need for professional floor maintenance. Golden Glove is skilled, trained, has the correct cleaning solutions and equipment to resolve these cosmetic issues and extend the long term cosmetic