The Importance of Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Beautiful hardwood floors are the ultimate dream for many homeowners. They’re an excellent investment because they boost the market value of your property while also improving its appearance. However, they are often overlooked until they are in bad shape. Hardwood floor cleaning should be done professionally every 18 to 36 months.

Your floors can be restored to their natural beauty by hiring a professional to clean them. Not only that, but they can also help get rid of grime buildup, dead skin cells, body oils, pet dander and odor, household allergens, dust, mildew, and more. As a result, pets and children can be better protected against illness.

Golden Glove tailors our process to the specifics of each task. We have the tools to restore your hardwood floors to their former luster and radiance. We extract dust, dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your floors. We offer wax removal to extend the lifespan of your hardwood floors.

Taking care of hardwood floors can be more challenging than you might expect. Here are some tips for maintaining their shine and keeping them clean for longer:

· A lot of dust is in the air, which can accumulate in the cracks between the floorboards. That’s why it’s important to sweep or vacuum the floor a few times a week.

· Use a hardwood-specific cleaner and mop with minimum water. Avoid soaking your floor since this may cause it to swell.

· A thorough buffing is necessary after lightly mopping your hardwood floor to avoid streaking. Make sure the floor is shiny by using a dry microfiber cloth.

· Place doormats by the entrances. These mats help keep your floors cleaner by reducing the dust and dirt your feet track into your home.

· Don’t wear shoes indoors. It is possible to get rocks and grit stuck in the treads, damaging the floor.

Hire expert cleaners for deep cleaning instead of using store-bought products. Some cleaning agents may be unsuitable for your flooring and damage it instead. Never use quick shine wax products. These products do not properly bond to the floor which will cause the floors to look dull and splotchy over time. Use residue free cleaners only.

Give Golden Glove a call today to schedule your next deep clean on your hardwood floors.

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