Carpet Cleaning Reminders for Back-to-School

When you have children in your house, your carpet endures a lot of activity. When school is back in session, everyone in your house is busy, which means spills, stains, or messes may not be tended to immediately. Even the most minimal carpet cleaning efforts can help your carpet maintain its shape and appearance before another winter begins.

Set house rules.

Carpeting requires some TLC. Your kids will be running in and out of the house, grabbing books and bags and equipment and jackets and food, every morning and afternoon. It’s a safe bet that no one will be removing their shoes while grabbing last-minute items. And your carpet will take the brunt of this behavior. If you know that your kids’ traffic patterns include tromping over clean carpeting, put a major house rule in place: no shoes on the carpet.

Be proactive.

If you know your decree about no shoes on the carpet will not be observed, make sure you use area rugs or runners to cover high-traffic carpet areas. This small effort will protect your carpeting, keep the kids moving, and prevent you from being upset about footprints on the carpet fibers. Be proactive about your rules of what school supplies are allowed on the carpeting too.

Snack in the kitchen.

We get it, your kids come home from school, and they want to chill in front of the TV before homework time. And that relaxation time usually comes with a snack. If you can contain eating to the kitchen, your carpet will remain that much cleaner.

Prepare for the inevitable.

When your carpet gets dirty footprints on it, have cleaning supplies handy so you can blot, rinse, vacuum to deal with stains and spots. One of the best ways to keep a carpet from absorbing stains is to deal with them immediately.

Schedule a carpet cleaning.

You may have good intentions about rules when it comes to carpeting, but you’re a busy parent. Even you can get lazy about following your own rules, which makes

it harder to enforce them on the kids. To get yourself motivated about keeping your floor coverings clean throughout the fall, schedule a carpet cleaning. When your carpet is freshly clean to start the school year, everyone is off on a new foot, and it will be easier to establish good habits for the school year and beyond.

Remember, a clean carpet not only looks better, but it’s also healthier for every person and pet in your home. Carpets are an excellent choice of floor covering for appearance, sound muffling, coziness, and allergen-containment. But carpets are also the place where gross stuff goes to live or die.

When you need assistance keeping your carpet spic and span, contact Golden Glove for a helping hand.

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