What Are The Best Room Deodorizers

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What Are The Best Room Deodorizers

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What are the positives and negatives of room deodorizers? There is a lot of overuse and abuse of room sanitizers and deodorants and just because it smells good does not mean it’s good for you! The overuse of heavy scented deodorizers can be potentially harmful.

There are several different types of deodorant bases: water based, solvent based and natural based deodorizers. It is very important to read the label when purchasing any of these products. Deodorant manufacturers are not mandated to put the ingredients on the bottle like food companies must do. For those deodorizers that do list the ingredients they typically include the following: fragrance, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, and propellants.

But not all room deodorizers are made with harsh chemicals. Some deodorizers are made with simple ingredients such as concentrated oils extracted from fresh oranges to remove odors instantly. And these products are also non-aersol with no added harsh chemicals or heavy perfumes.

It is important to know that air deodorizers only add a chemical fragrance, not clean the air. Consumers that have asthma, allergies or breathing disorders can be affected by these chemicals such as solvents or toxic propellants. When spraying toxic chemicals into the air, you are making the air quality worse. To get rid of the smell, you need to address first the cleanliness of the room. A deep cleaning of the carpet, upholstery, and window treatments may be what is really needed. A deep cleaning from a professional technician will get the deeper underlying dirt that routine cleaning does not get. Contact Golden Glove today for a quote on a deep cleaning for your home. Our technicians are trained to professionally clean: hardwood flooring, carpets, and upholstery. Golden Glove can also help with stains and odors from pets.

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