Water Damage Restoration Newnan

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Water Damage Restoration Newnan

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water damage restoration NewnanWe do water damage restoration in Newnan! Not only do we provide these services in Newnan, but also Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Senoia, and the surrounding cities. If you find yourself with water damage, call us today! We can repair damage done to homes from water and moisture. Often times, we have to take care of excess mold and mildew when we come across water damage. For mold removal in Atlanta, call today!

Reasons for Water Damage in the Home

Broken Pipes
One cause for water damage in the home is a burst pipe or water line. Plumbing lines can burst for various reasons, the important thing is to repair the line as soon as possible and restore the damage done from the water.

Sewage Back Up
This can be a disgusting clean up, but somebody has to do it! To learn more about these types of clean ups, click here! There you can learn about a sewage back up that we took care of in Peachtree City, GA.

Overflowing bathtubs or broken dishwashers and washing machines can cause there to be a lot of water in your home. It is possible to dry up all the water that has leaked, but often times the water seeps into unreachable areas and causes mold to grow.

This happens often times in the basement, where there is less ventilation. We have encountered homes where their AC unit system broke so their homes were left hot and humid for a few days to a few weeks. In this time the hot, humid atmosphere allows for mold growth not only on the walls but on many other things as well!

Storm Damage
Flash flooding can cause water damage to a home. Roof leaks also can allow water to come inside and bring unwanted moisture. These roof leaks and flash floods can bring in large amounts of water that only a professional company could hire.

Call Golden Glove today to get started on your own water damage restoration in Newnan! We will be prompt and provide the best customer service for our clients.

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