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No Conflict of Interest Service Policy

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What is it?
Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration specializes exclusively in mitigation of damaged properties. As such, we have the specialized equipment, skills and experience to restore rather than replace the vast majority of affected structures and contents.

This means that losses are restored to pre-loss condition far faster and at a much lower cost! Naturally, on many jobs there will still be some reconstruction work required but Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration has chosen not to directly profit from major structural repairs or floor covering replacement.


The restoration of a loss falls into two categories; mitigation and reconstruction. Mitigation represents the specialized drying, disinfecting, deodorizing, cleaning and other procedures and processes required to return structure and contents to their pre-loss condition.

Reconstruction consists of physical repair of as well as removal and replacement of damaged items.

If materials that can be successfully restored are replaced, such unnecessary reconstruction has the following negative consequences:

  • The restoration project will cost more
  • If policy limits are exhausted, out of pocket costs will increase
  • The project will take longer to complete
  • The disruption of normal activities will be extended
  • Business interruption will increase losses and related costs
  • Occupants will more often have to be temporarily relocated

Unnecessary reconstruction usually occurs because a restoration contractor is primarily a construction company. In these cases it is only natural for such companies to see the project in terms of the work that they specialize in. After all, if your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail!

Because Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration is committed to focusing on mitigation, reconstruction is always our last resort. And, when necessary, Golden Glove Cleaning & Restoration will coordinate any reconstruction services, further insuring that such work is kept to the minimum truly necessary to return to the property to its pre-loss condition!

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