Mold Removal in Atlanta 30319

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mold removal

Mold Removal in Atlanta 30319

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Mold can cause detrimental damage to your home and your health. The humidity in Georgia creates a perfect atmosphere for mold to thrive. One particular family from Atlanta experienced this first hand. Other causes of mold in the home structure include water damage, water leaks, and warm, dark places.

Mold Testing and Removal

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The customer was physically ill and could not determine why. Finally a mold test of the home was ordered. To the surprise of the customer, the house tested positive for mold. There were no visible mold colonies anywhere in the structure, however, they needed the mold removed to fix the health issue.

The health risks involved with living around mold can be frusterating to deal with when the mold is still present. People who have immune disorders or lung disease can get infections from living around mold. Others who suffer from asthma or allergies may experience congestion, itchy eyes, and increased symptoms.

Job Description

mold removalThe customer had other bids of more that $25,000. We discussed their liability and whether or not they need that shifted to a company. If they wanted the company to take the liability for the health issues , it would be drastically more expensive. The customer agreed to keep the liability, so we proposed a phased option with incremental testing to gauge progress.


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We proposed a phased process when all the competitors gave only an all inclusive proposal at a much higher price.
1. We ran air filtration for 3 days and then tested again. At this stage the main floor and upstairs passed. The basement failed.
2. We kept the filtration running and then cleaned all the upholstery, wiped all the vertical surfaces and all the hard furniture. We tested again and passed.
3. We recommended a whole home filtration system that attaches to their HVAC to maintain the results.


mold remediation AtlantaWe were able to remediate the home and install a whole home filtration system for $7,500. The customer was so happy because this price was significantly less than our competitor’s bid at $25,000. We were always available and we provided regular updates so they were always aware of what was happening and what would be next.
Our availability and regular updates really made the customer understand that we truly care about their satisfaction. Once we were finished with this three week process, the air was cleaner and the mold gone. The customer’s health problems had decreased and they were very satisfied.

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