Does Your Carpet Have Bald Patches?

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Does Your Carpet Have Bald Patches?

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Have you ever noticed any bald patches on your carpet or areas of missing fibers? Have you seen little bits of what look like shreds of wood or paper near the bald patches?

Don’t worry. It’s not your carpet disintegrating, nor does it reflect the cleanliness of your home. In fact, it’s a very common situation in homes with large areas of carpet. The source of your problem is an infestation of carpet moths and carpet beetles.

Why Do Bugs Like Carpets?

The moths and beetles have the ability to digest keratin protein in these natural fibers, so if you have a silk or pure wool carpet then your rugs could become victim to their appetite. They also like areas that hold some moisture within the natural fiber. But moths and beetles especially like to camp out in the dark corners and dark spaces of carpets. Here, the adults lay eggs in these areas, and when the larvae hatch the new bugs leave behind their larvae casings on the carpet.

How Can You deal With Them?

If you have a case of moth and beetle infestation then there is help. By using a professional carpet cleaning company this problem ceases to become a major issue. A strong insecticide will be used guaranteeing that your moth and beetle infestation will be eliminated.

How Can You Prevent Infestation In The First Place?

A good way to prevent these bugs from setting up snuggly inside your carpet is to vacuum regularly – not just the main areas but in corners and carefully around the legs of tables. It can be a pain, but using your crevice tool on your vacuum all around the edges will really keep the moths and beetles at bay.

Of course, the best way to ensure that bugs do not infest is to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Schedule a deep cleaning of your carpets today with Golden Glove. Our technicians can extract deep dirt that has been lingering beneath the surface of your carpets all year.

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