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Carpet Repair Peachtree City

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We Repair Carpet in Peachtree City

Accidents happen with carpets and when they do we want to be the carpet repair company that you call in Peachtree City. Our carpet repair services are 100% guaranteed to satisfy your needs. If your carpet needs repairing because of split seams, pulled rows or other types of carpet damage, please call Golden Glove to help repair your carpet.

Our Carpet Repair Services:

  • Carpet Stretching
  • Carpet Patching
  • Carpet Re-Seaming
  • Carpet Stains
  • Urin/Pet Stains
  • Commercial Carpet Repair
  • Water Damage
  • Carpet Burns
  • Ink Stains

Common Carpet Problems

1. Rippling/Loose Carpet

When a carpet is first installed it is supposed to be stretched so that it doesn’t losen up and start to wave. Depending on the quality of work by your carpet installation company they may or may not do this. If they don’t do this, then you will most likely experience a loose wavy carpet. Sometimes however carpets will relax overtime even when they were originally stretched.

2. Carpet Burns

Carpet burns are one of the most common damages seen to carpets. Many times the culprit of the carpet burn are beauty tools such as straight irons and curling irons. When this happens the best way to repair the carpet is by patching it. Golden Glove is experienced in doing quality carpet patches to make your carpet look new again.

3. Ink Stains

Sometimes the unthinkable happens shortly after new carpet is installed. Ink stains are common and can be permanent. When permanent ink stains happen many people immediately begin to worry thinking that they will have to replace their entire carpet. If the carpet still has a lot of life left in it, then we recommend patching it.

4. Pet Stains

Pet stains are a common problem with carpets. Urine stains can seriously damage carpet and if the carpet cannot be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company, then it may need to be patched.

5. Separated Carpet Seams

When carpeting a house more than one piece of carpet is needed. Where the pieces of carpet come together is called a seam. If these seams are not properly put together, they can later separate. The solution is to call a carpet repair company and get them re-seamed. One of our carpet repair services is re-seaming.

Carpet Repair by Golden Glove in PTC, 30269

Golden Glove services Peachtree City with our carpet repair services. By choosing Golden Glove you are guaranteed to be 100% delighted everytime.

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