Best Flooring Options For Your Kitchen

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Best Flooring Options For Your Kitchen

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Let’s face it, activity in the kitchen can be tough on floors. Spills can cause splatters and stains on the flooring and there is always the chance of a sharp or heavy object – such as a knife or pots and pans – cracking or puncturing the floor. The material that you choose for a kitchen floor has to be able to withstand all of these rigors on a daily basis.

A durable kitchen floor needs to be low-maintenance to care for so that you can spend more time cooking and less time cleaning and caring for your floor.

Your kitchen floor, besides being practical and durable, is a major design statement as well. The floor you choose affects every other element of your design. There are a variety of materials, colors and texture options to choose from.

Stone and tile are both excellent choices for heavy traffic areas. If you are looking for a good low maintenance stone kitchen floor, then you should consider materials such as slate and granite. With a proper sealing treatment, slate and granite can be made nearly impervious to water. Ceramic tile is durable and available in assorted colors and styles. With ceramic, there is also the option for decorative borders and designs.

Wood is a popular choice for today’s kitchens. It feels good underfoot and creates a warm look. Today’s prefinished wood floors withstand heavy traffic and water stains. For a less expensive option, you could go with high-pressure plastic laminates, a suitable alternative that provides the same look as prefinished wood.

Linoleum is a material that is easy to care for. It is resistant to stains and spills and has a durability which protects it from ripping, tearing or scratching. For those with a tight budget, linoleum offers a variety of styles and colors in either tiles or sheets.

After you install your new kitchen flooring you will want to preserve it for as long as you can. A regular deep cleaning is your best chance at maintaining a quality kitchen floor.

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