Rug and Fabric Protector

Rug protector is one of the most important elements to maintaining the highest appearance levels of area rugs. Many contemporary area rugs as well as Oriental rugs are made with wool or silk fibers. These types of rugs have materials that require a specialized protector designed for natural fibers. Synthetic fiber (nylon, Olefin, polyester) rugs also greatly benefit from having the correct protector applied.

Rug protectors provide a variety of benefits. First, they provide protection from stains caused by water-based (coffee, tea, soda, etc.) and oil-based (salad dressing, many foods, grease, etc.) spills—giving you time to remove such spills before they penetrate the protector barrier and become more difficult to remove stains.

As importantly, they protect area rugs from the abrasive, sandpaper like effect of dry soils that can physically damage the fibers and cause premature wear and appearance degradation.

Golden Glove offers several types of protectors so we can choose the right protector for the type of rug or fabric being treated to provide the very highest levels of protection and appearance.

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