Mattress Cleaning

Our clean is your bed’s mattress? Do you have an older mattress? If you have an older mattress and have never had it deep cleaned then maybe you should consider mattress cleaning. There is a growing amount of scientific data which says better environmental hygiene improves health. The EPA has consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health. The number one source of indoor allergens is the common dust mite, which feeds on tiny flakes of human skin cells. The dust mite is not easy visable to the naked eye.

60% of household dust mites are found in the mattress – where we shed the most skin cells. Golden Glove’s technicians use special cleaning agents, as well as a unique Allergy Relief Treatment that is used on carpet, upholstery and especially mattresses. This system actually changes the physical structure of both dust mite and pet allergens—the two most potent and common allergens found in homes today—dramatically reducing allergic reactions.

If your family is prone to allergies, this type fo cleaning might also help to keep further problems at bay. Schedule an appointment today with a Golden Glove technician. See how an extra deep cleaning of your mattress can make you feel healthier!