10 Step Rug Cleaning Process

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10 Step Rug Cleaning Process

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We thoroughly inspect your rug for any defects, damage or color loss prior to cleaning. We also identify the fiber type to determine the optimal cleaning method to be used.

Dry Soil Extraction

Area rugs can contain amazing amounts of destructive, dry soils that eventually damage fibers and appearance with a sandpaper effect. These dry soils are removed with our exclusive Air Brush system.


Any spots, stains or other trouble areas are pre-treated with specific cleaning agents prior to cleaning.

Shampoo Agitation

Your rug is then gently agitated using the appropriate cleaning agents much like you do when washing your hair. Fringes are also cleaned and combed.

Rinse and Neutralization

Rugs are then thoroughly rinsed to remove suspended soils and cleaning agents, then neutralized to return the pH to a balanced state, leaving the fibers squeaky clean.

Topical Treatments

Topical treatments such as carpet protectors, deodorizers or ant-allergen treatments are then applied (based on cleaning package selected.)

Thorough Drying

Rugs are then thoroughly forced air dried in a controlled environment.

Final Inspection

Once dry, your rug is given a final inspection. Any areas that do not pass our stringent quality control standards are touched up or re cleaned as needed.

Final Finish

After passing final inspection, the rug is hand finished with a final air brush grooming prior to wrapping.

Wrap for Transport

Rugs are now completely wrapped and protected and are ready for delivery, pick-up or storage.

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