Large Loss Recovery

GOLDEN GLOVE CLEANING & RESTORATION understands the unique issues property and business owners as well as property and facility managers who have experienced a large loss are confronting, including:

  • Business Interruption
  • Business Continuity
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Displaced Residents/Occupants
  • Interruption of Construction Schedules

In the same way that the right tool is needed for the job, a restoration contractor needs a specific set of skills, capabilities and experience to restore large losses quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.

With years of large loss experience, GOLDEN GLOVE CLEANING & RESTORATION knows that the keys to the fastest possible restoration are comprehensive documentation, outstanding communication among all the involved parties and having systems in place specifically designed to respond to the unique conditions found on large losses.

GOLDEN GLOVE CLEANING & RESTORATION’s Large Loss Recovery Team is ready to immediately respond to large losses within minutes. GOLDEN GLOVE CLEANING & RESTORATION will:

Provide Emergency Mitigation Services: GOLDEN GLOVE CLEANING & RESTORATION will take the necessary steps to contain the loss and prevent further damage from occurring.

Prepare an Initial Damage Assessment: We will create a comprehensive scope of the damage and all the tasks and actions required to restore the property to pre-loss condition.

Prepare a Detailed Estimate: Using industry approved estimating software, a detailed estimate will be provided that will detail all the expected charges.

Coordination and Communication: GOLDEN GLOVE CLEANING & RESTORATION will work closely with owners and managers and adjusters (as well as all other affected/involved parties) to coordinate the very complex process of restoring the loss as quickly as possible.

Provide Expert Project Management Services: GOLDEN GLOVE CLEANING & RESTORATION coordinates all of the complex details surrounding managing large losses to successful completion.

Complete the Restoration Expertly: GOLDEN GLOVE CLEANING & RESTORATION will utilize the latest mitigation techniques to restore the loss quickly but also to the most exacting standards in order to prevent secondary damage from occurring.