Water Restoration

Abnormal water into a home or business is an issue improperly treated can lead to far greater problems. At Golden Glove we specialize and finding hidden water issues and resolving them quickly and efficiently we do this with four main goals in mind.

1. We are there to protect the value of the property and the health of the occupants.

2. We want to fix your problem as fast as possible the least invasively possible the least expensively possible.

3. We accomplish this by following the standard of care provided by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection and Cleaning Restoration Certification) S500.

4. We are a no conflict service provider. Meaning any materials that we remove we will not be the contractor to reinstall them. It is our opinion that it is difficult for property owners to ascertain whether or not services to remove materials is truly warranted or not based on the conflict of interest of that same provider doing both ends of the spectrum.

5. We want you to write us a positive review, refer us to family and friends, and be a lifetime customer for all of the services we offer, both restoration and cleaning.

All of our estimates are performed using the industry-accepted program of Xactimate. This ensures that the line items of the services needed to resolve the water intrusion the prices are already pre-agreed upon with the insurance company. Per the insurance commissioner of the state, clients are not required to utilize preferred vendors of the insurance company. The insurance company may not threaten the payment of the claim based on the utilization of preferred vendors or not. The terminology with the state is clear that as long as a service provider is in good standing properly insured utilizing industry-accepted standards IE the ICRC standard a property owner is free to utilize whichever contractors they so choose.

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