Stone Tile and Grout Maintenance

Take a look at your grout starting at the baseboard and follow the course out to the main traffic area. Does it look different?

Even the most diligent cleaning maintenance can not prevent the buildup of soil and the resulting discoloration of grout in the commercial facilities. Large porous tiles also absorb soils that simply can’t be cleaned by conventional products. That’s why GOLDEN GLOVE offers tile and grout cleaning for the kind of periodic deep cleaning that removes embedded soils and returns tile and grout to their original beauty.

We will include the following steps:

1. We will determine the type of tile you have (stone, ceramic, porcelain)

2. Apply the proper type of pretreatment appropriate for your flooring.

3. Agitate the pretreatment into the tile and grout.

4. We will then pressure wash and extract the floor. This will happen under a dome to control the moisture and the dome is attached to a wet-vac the extracts as we are cleaning. When we are complete the floor will be as if it was just mopped.

5. Once the floor is clean if desired we can reapply sealant.

Golden Glove technicians use specialized equipment that uses a combination of heat, pressure, and specialized cleaning agents to vigorously deep-clean tile and grout. Once cleaned, a technician will flush the soils away for a sparkling finish.

If it has been a while since you had a deep cleaning on tile and grout, it may be time to schedule a deep cleaning. Contact Golden Glove today for a quote on a deep cleaning for your tile and grout. You will be amazed at the new look of clean that your tile and grout have been hiding.

Golden Glove is dedicated to customer satisfaction and operates under its 100% Delighted Guarantee which promises that customers will be completed delighted or we will re-clean to the customer’s satisfaction for free!