Expert Stain and Odor Removal

Your business facility must reflect well on customers that visit your business. But commercial facilities encounter a variety of difficult stains that can ruin the appearance of carpet, making negative impressions on customers and employees. In fact, most carpet is replaced because of appearance issues—not because the fibers have worn out! Needless to say, keeping carpet appearance levels high is one of the major objectives of any maintenance program.

That’s why GOLDEN GLOVE has expert stain removal technicians on staff that understand the specific types of stains encountered in commercial facilities and have the training and experience to keep your facility’s carpet stain free and looking great at all time.

Carpet related odor problems are less common in commercial facilities but when such situations occur GOLDEN GLOVE is ready! Our technicians can perform a full range of permanent odor removal techniques that are selected based on the source of the odor including disinfectants/sanitizers, bacterial enzymes, absorbing neutralizers, etc. We will have your commercial carpets looking and smelling better. So that your company’s first impression is not of a smelly stained carpet.

Contact Golden Glove today for a quote on an expert stain and oder removal for your commerical facility.