Expert Carpet Repairs

Your carpets get a brunt of abuse with heavy traffic and everyday spills. We know that you want to keep your home appearance looking good by caring for your carpets with deep cleaning. But carpets that have unsightly split seams, pulled rows and other damage accelerate carpet depreciation. These small damages to carpet can reduce appearance levels and create safety hazards. We want our customers to be able to make one phone call when it comes to any issue relating to the maintenance of their facility’s carpet!

That’s why GOLDEN GLOVE provides expert carpet repair services for its clients to keep your carpet in perfect condition. We want your carpet to be free of damages.

Contact Golden Glove today for a quote or your carpet repair. We have expert rug technicians to best assist you with various types of carpets. We also offer specialty cleaning for Berber carpets. Berber carpets require a specific type fo cleaning and care. Our technicians can assist you with care for your Berber carpet.

Golden Glove backs all of its cleaning with a 100% guarantee that your carpets will be cleaned to your satisfaction. If not, we will gladly reclean your capret again at no extra fee.