Continuously Clean Maintenance

Carpet is an expensive asset that needs to be properly maintained. A continuous maintenance program will extend the carpet’s life-cycle, maintain professional appearance and sustain a healthy indoor environment. Our site specialists will inspect your facility and identify the type(s) of carpet, amount of foot traffic and other carpet and pet stain removal. Then, we’ll create a customized program that will protect the life and appearance of your carpeting.

We’ll give you a reminder call for any scheduled commercial service to insure your property is ready for us, and arrive at the site on time. There will be an English-speaking technician on-site while the service(s) are being performed, and we’ll follow-up with a call the next day to insure that you are 100% delighted with our quality and service.

Extend Carpet Life Cycle

The value of your investment in carpet is directly proportional to how long it lasts. The number one reason that carpet is replaced prematurely is improper maintenance. A scheduled and on-going process of soil removal is required to prevent permanent damage to carpet fibers that cannot be restored. It is also important to apply a carpet protectant to prevent future stains.
Maintain Professional Appearance Levels

Maintaining a positive image for customers, employees and visitors is an important result of your carpet maintenance program. Soils must be removed consistently before they become visible in order to maintain professional appearance levels year after year.

A Healthy Indoor Environment

Carpet contributes to a healthy indoor environment because it has a unique filtering feature that tends to hold particles that might otherwise be airborne. An on-going maintenance program routinely removes these contaminants from the building, preventing them from re-circulating in the air.