Expert Stain and Odor Removal

Many Orientals and contemporary area rugs are made with natural fiber rugs and represent a significant challenge when it comes to stain removal. That’s because natural fibers such as wool and silk absorb stains much more easily than synthetic fibers. If you have rugs with natural fibers you may not want to risk damaging the rugs with conventional cleaning methods.

But not to worry! Golden Glove’s team of rug care experts has the stain removal experience to remove even very difficult stains from natural and synthetic fiber rugs! If a stain can be removed, it will be!

Odors are also a significant challenge for Orientals and other area rugs. Most common are odors (and stains) caused by pet urine. But, we offer an offsite area rugs cleaning to offer the deepest clean. In our offsite Expert Rug Care Center, we have the ability to utilize a wide variety of odor removal techniques that simply cannot be used in the home to decontaminate even the heaviest urine deposits successfully!

Contact Golden Glove today for a free quote on an expert stain and odor removal from your speciality rugs.

Golden Glove is totally dedicated to customer satisfaction and operates under its 100% Delighted Guarantee which promises that customers will be completed delighted or we will re-clean to the customer’s satisfaction for free!