Expert Rug Care Center

Locations We Service

Golden Glove services Fayette and Coweta Counties. Call today for our rug cleaning services in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan, Tyrone, Sharpsburg, Senoia and surround cities. With Golden Glove you get the promise that you will be 100% delighted every time!

Convenient Pick-Up and Delivery

We offer convenient pick-up and delivery of your rugs so you can get the very best cleaning results with the minimum amount of hassle and disruption to your normal routine.

Golden Glove’s Expert Rug Cleaning Center is dedicated to the cleaning and care of Oriental and contemporary area rugs.

Rugs are designed to hold dry soils. In fact, one study determined that a 9 x 12 rug can hold an amazing 85 pounds of dry soil! What makes matters even worse is that these dry soils are abrasive and act like sandpaper, wearing down the fibers, when the rug is walked on.

The simple fact is that the cleaning of Oriental and contemporary area rugs is best accomplished in our Expert Rug Care Center. This in-plant rug cleaning facility allows us to provide the very highest levels of care!

At the Expert Rug Care Center we can utilize compressed air to safely and effectively remove the amazing amounts of dry soil found in area rugs. This procedure simply cannot be conducted in the customer’s home.

We also clean both sides of a rug in our plant to insure maximum soil removal. Because rugs hold so much dry soil, soils can wick back to the surface during the drying process. In order to insure complete soil removal we place cleaned rugs in our specialized drying room for controlled drying and then re-inspect them. If a rug requires touch-up or additional cleanings it won’t leave until it passes this standard.

If multiple cleanings are required to return a rug to its highest possible appearance level then that’s what we do!

In addition, there are specialty techniques to remove odors and stains that can only be performed under the controlled conditions of the Expert Rug Care Center. Clearly, none of these advanced cleaning procedures can be conducted in the customer’s home.

Golden Glove does perform some cleaning of area rugs in home by customer request. Still, we highly recommend that rugs be cleaned in our plant because the results will be significantly superior to in home cleaning.