Carpet Cleaning and Protection

If you have carpet in your home you need to properly maintain it for maximum wear and cosmetic value. Golden Glove has been doing this for 20 years and is Certified by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute).

People tend to clean their carpets based on cosmetic reasons alone. The problem with this is the human eye cannot memorize color and by the time it looks dirty, it is heavily soiled. It is the soil that does irreparable damage. Per CRI, people tend to clean their carpet every 3-5 years and replace it on average every 7 years. They are usually not replacing due to wear, but rather does not look nice anymore. This is a very expensive proposition. The life of your carpet can be extended by as much as two times or 14 years with proper maintenance.

So what does proper maintenance look like? If you visit the CRI website, you will see what forms of carpet cleaning are most frequently recommended, with hot water extraction/steam cleaning the overwhelmingly preferred method. This method is the Golden Glove standard.

The following steps are required for a Warranty Maintenance Cleaning. These are the exact steps that Golden Glove engages in and are also considered our basic cleaning.

1. 78% of soils in the carpet are non-water-soluble. Therefore pre-vacuuming is needed before cleaning. As a point of reference, you should be vacuuming per week based on the number of occupants in the home. Four people plus a dog would be 5X per week.

2. 16% of the soil in the carpet is water-soluble. Therefore a proper pretreatment is required to be applied to the carpet and allowed the correct dwell time to suspend the soils.

3. Agitation is required to further loosen and suspend the soils.

4. 6% of soils in the carpet are solvent-soluble. These will be your food and drink spills. Spotting agents are a must for maintenance cleaning. Some things per CRI are outside of this and would require additional steps. Examples are make-up, pet accidents, nail polish, and filtration soil lines. We have procedures to resolve these issues at an additional charge.

5. Rinsing of the suspended soils with clean hot water, leaving the carpet residue-free.

6. Final grooming of the carpet to help minimize traffic patterns and to help speed the drying process.

7. If the client would like us to move furniture there are additional charges per piece and size. We do not move beds, electronics, pieces with breakables on or in them, attached mirrors, or tall pieces.

If you have unique situations, we have unique services!

· Do you have a pet hair issue? We can add mechanical agitation which pulls pet hair from deep down in the carpet, more effectively than any vacuum.

· Would you like to extend the life of your carpet? Consider adding Protectant. It will provide a window of opportunity to take up spills before they stain your carpet. It will also make future cleanings easier.

· Are you dealing with pet accidents/odors? We have topical and subsurface treatments, depending on your unique situation.