The Golden Glove Difference

Allow us to demystify the Carpet Cleaning industry. There are plenty of companies with proprietary cleaning methods. Specific to them are “low price coupon” companies that can rarely seem to clean for those prices once they arrive. But it has been our experience that carpets get dirty, clients want them clean, and they want an honest upfront quote.

8 Factors to consider when cleaning your carpets:

  1. 78% of soils in carpet are non-water soluble.*
    • This is why we pre-vacuum all areas to be cleaned with a commercial grade vacuum.
    • Some cleaners will advise that with truck mounted equipment this is not a requirement. We respectfully disagree. Can you imagine adding water to sand or dirt and then attempting to remove it?
  2. 14% of soils in carpet are water soluble.*
    • This means that soap and water are the most effective.
    • Simply put, we are a Hot Water Extraction Cleaner (steam cleaning) utilizing top of the line truck-mounted equipment. We include pre-treatment in our general cleaning and mechanical agitation is use to scrub the fibers to further loosen and suspend the sticky soils.
    • With other cleaners this is excluded from the base low price package and the addition is considered deep cleaning. Would you ever consider not adding detergent to your laundry, turning off the agitation cycle, and expecting the laundry to come out clean?
  3. 6% of soils in carpet are solvent soluble.*
    • This means that they are oily by nature and will require some sort of solvent to remove them.
    • Some cleaners advertise using citrus oils, while others propose dry cleaning. These methods utilize solvents as their primary cleaning solution. What about the other types of soil that’s in your carpet? Just imagine using mineral spirits to clean a drink spill or how oil and vinegar don’t stay mixed in salad dressing.
    • This is why we include post spotting in our base cleaning.
  4. Spots vs. Stains
    • A spot is a soil that sits on top of the fiber, but has not penetrated it and usually can be removed.
    • A stain is a soil or dye that has penetrated the fiber and altered its color.
    • We will make every attempt to remove your stains with safe spotting procedures that are a normal part of our cleaning process. However, there are some types of stains like colored drink spills, paint, dyes, filtration soiling (dark lines around base boards), pet accidents, ink, bleach, etc that may need advanced specialized techniques. In some cases your stains may be permanent. We will advise you of any such possible stains during our walk-through inspection.
  5. Moving the Furniture and Tabbing/Blocking Furniture
    • We include moving the lighter furniture, as long as there is nothing on it or in it that is breakable. Other cleaners charge often extra for this.
    • Beds, sofas and dressers are usually left in place. Extremely heavy or fragile items can be discussed with your technician, and moved at our discretion. (Please ask if there are any special items you need moved in other areas.)
    • Any furniture that is moved will be placed on a tab or block in order to insure that there is no transfer of color from the furniture to the carpet and no damage is done to the furniture.

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You can utilize any of Golden Glove’s services with complete confidence! That’s because we offer a 100% Delighted Guarantee for every customer, residential or commercial. If you’re not completely delighted with the results of our services we’ll re-clean to your satisfaction for FREE!

And for our residential customers, once we have provided services you automatically become part of our Preferred Care program that offers priority scheduling, free lifetime refills on our special carpet stain remover and a 10% discount on repeat cleanings within six months of the original service.